Musical Happy Families: Quartet

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Everyone's favourite Happy Families , but with a musical twist! The aim is to collect as many instrument groups of four as you can to win the musical game! Fun and educational, it's perfect for home or classroom. Musical Happy Families  is just a great way to improve instrument recognition in a fun and excitingly competitive context. Using the game’s special quartets, including The Standing Stones (rock band), The Woodentops (woodwind quartet), The Blue Notes (jazz quartet) and The Rupees (Indian band), the music game can improve memory, enhance knowledge of instruments, as well as just being great fun for many ages. For two or more players For age four and upwards Contains 36 playing cards Check out Musical Happy Families  for a tuneful twist on a classic favourite. Ideal for a rainy day, or for getting children excited about music and instruments in the classroom, this musical game is sure to bring music to your ears.