John Thompson's Cel mai usor curs pentru pian, partea intai

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Cod produs: SKU119577
Cod catalog: WMR101178
Editura: Willis Music
Status: In stoc
Categorie: metoda/pian & Keyboard/pian Solo
Au contribuit: Thompson, John (Autor)
Limba: Romana
Serie: John Thompson's Easiest Piano Course



The Romanian Edition of the acclaimed beginner's Piano course from John Thompson . The very basics of playing the Piano are introduced here, along with a fun family of characters to make learning as exciting as possible. Part One of John Thompson's Easiest Piano Course  introduces the notes of the Piano, with the most basic note lengths and never going beyond five notes up and down from middle C.  Each book features writing exercises, sight-reading practice and work sheet pages which encourage revision and retention of concepts learned. This classic tutor method has been used for generations to get young beginners started with playing the Piano. As an added bonus, many of the pieces include accompaniments for a parent or a teacher to get involved, helping beginners to hear what they are playing in context. Perfect for young beginning pianists, John Thompson's Easiest Piano Course  is a fun and exciting approach that has been tried and tested for many years to great success.